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Gluta Frozen
Gluta Frozen
Gluta Frozen
Gluta Frozen
Gluta Frozen
Gluta Frozen
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Gluta Frozen

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Gluta Frozen is first in the beauty supplement industry where beauty meets the brain. All you need for your daily beauty and health care is just 1 NANO SOFT GEL Capule that goes right into your bloodstream and 99% absorbed and transported to your deepest skin levels.

FDA approved by Japan & Thailand. HALAL, GMP & Certified 100% Organic Ingredients from ISO Certified Laboratories.


- Dewy pale white kind of skin whitening

- Superior whole body whitening in a softgel including underarms, nape, groins, knees etc..

- Results can be seen within 7-14 days 

- Has Astaxantin that is a powerful antioxidant and makes skin resilient from UV rays.

- Reverses skin aging thus prevents wrinkles

- Helps enhance concentration and brain functionality

- Maintain good memory

- Absorbs easily into the body without residue

- Formulated with Japanese gojic berry fruit extract that help nourish the body and skin

- Prevents degeneration of cells thus also prevents cancer

- Healthier hair & nails

- Strengthens immune system 

- Helps people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis. It's also good for the liver.

- Suppresses DNA damage

How to take: Take 1 Capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and then 1 Capsule again before sleep for 1 month. After that just take 1 Capsule 30 minutes before breakfast until satisfied.

Note: Best to take together with Gluta Infinity. Guaranteed faster results. ♥️